Sci-Fi Recipes That Are Worth Trying This Holiday Season

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The holidays are around the corner and it’s time for togetherness with family and friends who will be coming over to visit. This is also a perfect time to flaunt your “geekiness” by showing off with some Sci-Fi recipes that boost your geek heritage. While a Christmas goose or prime rib wouldn’t be out of place we do think that the recipes below are worth giving a shot.

Below are some dishes which are known to the realm of science fiction you can also try out at home this holiday season.

Soylent Green

There is nothing to be scared of as you won’t be needing any human part to make this dish. This was a miracle food in the Original 1973 movie which kept the world satisfied. You can replicate the hue by using spinach. This can easily serve as an appetizer which will definitely leave visitors wondering what else they’ll be eating. Follow the link for the full recipe

Groosling Soup

Remember Hunger Games and Katniss groosling soup? Imagine having to create a similar dish and leaving your guest wondering where the hell you scooped up such delicacy from. The main recipe is a bird which is mashed into a pulp and cooked with hot river rocks with some foraged chives and parsnips. Follow the link for the full recipe


Spoo was made known to us in Babylon 5 by the Centauri which is a blue cubical shaped meat product prepared from worms. You won’t be needing worms to replicate this dish, with the help of potatoes you can make a dish that resembles it with an improved taste. Follow the link for the full recipe

Rootleaf Stew

In Star Wars movie, Jedi Master Yoda showed us his cooking skill which to be frank isn’t one of his good qualities. When we encounter the little green guy initially with Luke Skywalker he is preparing a pot of rootleaf stew. There was a more palatable version provided in 1983 Star Wars recipe book which listed ingredients such as lamb, spinach, green chilies, and onions. Follow the link for the complete recipe

Roasted Spider Soup

Noranti Pralatong our granny in Farscape was a crazy elderly Traskan stowaway who learned how to cook among other skills in her 239 cycles of being active. In one of her episodes in the fourth season called Twice Shy she made a soup with a Woloxian Arachnid (spider) that was unbelievably tasty. While you wouldn’t actually need spiders to make this soup pork tenderloin will be just fine. Follow the link for the complete recipe

Romulan Ale

You need a beverage to make a meal complete and this will do the trick if you wish to spice up your holidays with a Sci-Fi themed dish and the Romulan Ale will be a perfect drink to go with any meal. This is the beverage of the Federation in Star Wars and it could very well be the beverage of this holiday season.  Check out the link for all the ingredients

Mudder‘s Milk

This is perfect if you intend to have kids around. Show them how cool you are with your culinary skills. Although in Firefly there was a little bit of alcohol in it to make the miners on Higgins Moon happy and satisfied. You do not need alcohol, with the help of chocolate Yoo-Hoo and root beer you can replicate the Mudder‘s milk. Check out the link for all the ingredients

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Sci-Fi Recipes That Are Worth Trying This Holiday Season

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